Perth cover band Foxchild is a band formed by a group of long-time friends who have been involved in musical projects together since early in their high school days. Participating as a group in the performance of musicals and stage shows, gigs amongst different bands at venues such as the Hopman Cup finals, and a myriad of other musical projects diverse in genre and style, the group finally decided to collaborate on a singular, ambitious project together, as the contemporary RnB and hip hop band under the name Foxchild.

The band's strength lies in their incorporation of techniques borrowed from their experience in playing a wide variety of other genres, leading to their implementation of full- band vocal harmonies and unique re-arrangements of the songs they play. The band has a true-to-the-original approach so as to never lead the crowd astray, but always allow for their own creative quirks to take effect and keep the audience on their toes. The result of this is a refined and vibrant sound that stands out amongst bands of similar style, but remains uniquely Foxchild.

Foxchild are available for weddings, private functions, corporate events, venue bookings and special occassions.


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