The 'Kangaroo Creek Gang Roadshow' was first introduced to Australian audiences back in 1986. The Kangaroo Creek Gang are very well known to Western Australia's children through their book series and educational packages, which are currently available in 95% of Western Australia's primary schools.

The show is available in a number of different formats to suit a variety of situations and requirements. All shows feature a combination of costume characters large puppets and live music and have a large element of musical pantomime, with a complete story line and a plot. All Kangaroo Creek Gang puppet characters speak and they have their own unique personality. Each performance also features live music from Ranger West's guitar and large scale audience participation - dancing, singing and playing musical instruments.

Host (Ranger West) gets the audience involved even before the show starts and every performance receives a great response. The Kangaroo Creek Gang Roadshow is suitable for fetes, festivals, children's parties and special occassions.


Reviewed on 27th Jun 2017

The day was a great success with around 1000 people attending so we were very pleased.