Traditional Bibbulmunn Aboriginal dance and music performed with fun, passion and power! Perth Aboriginal Dance group bring the Dreaming stories of the very first Australians alive in a performance that’s authentic and spectacular.

Performing in traditional Aboriginal costumes, enhanced by awesome Didjeridoo playing and the hypnotic rhythm of the tapping sticks, skilful performers and traditional presentation will entertain and enthral your audience.
The ancestors of this dynamic group saw the arrival of the first Europeans onto their slice of heaven in the south west corner of Australia.

This dance outfit specialises in high impact, lively traditional performances originating from the tribal area of Wadjuk which encompasses the city of Perth. Wadjuk is one of 14 tribes in the south west. 

The men are friendly and impart knowledge with ease in their performances as they execute a variety of dances.
All the dances have a message and a story attached which is explained with or without a translator before it is enacted with finesse before the crowd.

The haunting music of the Didjeridoo, the ancient music instrument of the Aboriginal people enhances and carries the men in a whirl of dance and colour as the story unfolds. Skilled playing by the musician of the group is to be heard to be believed! He uses several didjeridoos to hit the right emotion for each of the dances going from lively warrior music to a deep and eerie spirit theme to funny and happy tunes for the Kangaroo and other animal dances.

The Dance Group has been performing for over 18 years so you get the benefit of a professional, experienced and passionate group of men ensuring a rich and memorable experience for all!

Perth Aboriginal Dance group are available to perform at:

Schools and Universities,
Corporate conferences and conventions,
Sporting events,
Opening and welcoming ceremonies,
Welcome to Country presentations and
Private functions including weddings.

Anywhere in AUSTRALIA and around the WORLD, the group put on a show lasting from 5 to 90 minutes depending on your requirements.

Based in the Perth, Western Australia (Whadjuk territory) each show can be tailored to suit your specific event.


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