Perth Belly Dancer

Traditional Middle-Eastern (length can vary, but standard timing is 2 sets of 10min or 1 set of 20min) : dance performance in Egyptian style starting with veil or wings, followed by a saiidi (cane dance), a drum solo and a cymbal dance. Usually the music used is classical Egyptian, Arabic pop, Turkish as well as some modern American drum solos.

Bellyfusion Delight (about 20min) : from traditional to modern styles of bellydance, this show takes the audience on a journey through the evolution of this artform, with the use of props such as sword, silk fans, veil, zills etc. The music is usually world fusion beats, often mixed with Middle-Eastern, as well as electro, new-age or any other style.

Flamenco Bellydance Fusion (10-15min) : a show focusing on the encounter of Middle-Eastern culture with the raw passion of Spanish gypsies. Performed with a large skirt, accessories such as shawl, castagnettes, zills, fans etc.

Bellyballet Fusion (10-15min) : performance of classical bellydance infused with ballet movements. Can be performed on pointes shoes if the floor is adequate.

Bellydance Samba mix (2 sets of 10min) : first set in bellydance outfit and second set in full Brazilian costume.

Bellysamba Extravaganza (15-20min) : this show presents bellydance and samba in a unique way. The two styles come together in one! The costume is also a fusion between a carioca carnival costume and a bellydancer outfit. Music is energetic and percussive!

NB : Can be performed with LIVE drummers.

Dazzling Brazilian Show (2 sets of 15min) : the first part of this show will feature some Afro-Brazilian dancing, axé and samba-funk, while the second part brings the Carnival in with full-feather carioca outfit and fast samba moves!

NB : Can be performed with LIVE drummers.

Sambalesque : a fusion of burlesque and exotic samba! Dancing to old Brazilian classics from the 50s, Lady Soreya presents a delightful Vegas style performance, adding extra theatre and elegance, by means of magnificent wings and feathered coats.


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