Project Rosco specialises in playing Funky and Jazzy tunes, as well as Latin flavoured songs, Ballads, and Soulful numbers, and while the group usually plays as a quartet, it can perform as a trio or duo, or can expand to become a quintet or even a sextet. The main three members of the band are the Guitarist, Bassist and Drummer. Here they have the base of the group, and from there the band can add either a Vocalist, Pianist, Saxophonist (Alto or Tenor) or Trumpeter.

Project Rosco is not the kind of band that gets everyone up dancing by playing Top 40 and classic rock hits, however their repertoire of funky, jazzy and soulful tunes more often then not wins over the guests, and although they don't really class themselves as a dance band they still manage to get a few people up on the dancefloor!

Project Rosco past performances include The Hyatt, The Sheraton, and Sandleford Winery and Telstra Rally Australia during 2004, 05 & 06. The members of Project Rosco all met during their days studying at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

Project Rosco are perfect for cocktail functions, wedding receptions and corporate events!


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