The Storyville jazz band takes its name from the red-light district where Jazz music was born at the turn of the 20th Century, in New Orleans.

The very name Storyville reflects the style of music we present to our listening public, whilst at the same time, incorporating modern rhythms and tunes wherever possible to suit the occasion. The basic philosophy behind the considerable repertoire is that the Public knows what it likes and likes what it knows. With this in mind, the band plays clean, catchy tunes with a clear melody and a toe-tapping beat, forever spicing the program with a touch of rough cut, earthy humour and involving the audience whenever possible.

The Band's line-up is traditional: usually a 6-piece with piano / banjo tuba and drums proving the solid beat behind the front line of cornet clarinet / sax and trombone, who provide the melodies. The vocalising is handled by whoever wants to get in on the act. The Band is often reduced by constraints of venue and cost, but refuses to perform with less than 4 instruments, usually 2 rhythm and 2 melody. This policy ensures that repertoire and character is not too severely damaged. Augmentation with additional instruments occurs when financial restraints are not present.

Well presented, this happy little band appears in uniform and has been playing consistently since its formation in 1973 The Storyville Jazz Band has appeared in almost all of the recognised venues in and around Town and has played for dances, weddings, divorces (once), BBQs, funerals, river trips, concerts, church services and ordinary pub gigs. The band has backed singers, strippers, International bands, artists and musicians, orators and politicians, thus becoming very versatile in the process. Wherever the Band has performed, in Australia, Japan or Europe, it has had a mountain of fun, because that's what it's all about, and if the fun was removed then we wouldn't do it.

This is a happy good-time band and it is from the infectious joy of playing and entertaining that makes the initial breakthrough to those who return time after time to listen and dance to their favourite band. STORYVILLE. The Storyville Jazz Band are suitable for all types of functions and events including weddings and special occassions.


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