7 or 10 piece Brazil Latin Party Band Perth.

Brazil Latin Party Band Perth is the perfect lineup for any event where dancing is the objective. The regular band lineup is comprised of Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Horns, Keys, Kit and Percussion!
The bands strength is in their ability to engage their audience and the obvious enjoyment which they get from performing. The bands repertoire is a mix of Brazilian tunes, Brazilian versions of popular tunes and straight out party standards. The band plays a fine selection of the best music that Brazil has to offer, ranging from sultry Bossa Novas and Forrós to funky Brazilian Samba-rock and Reggae. Each song has been specifically designed to enhance your loving relationship with the dance floor!

A must have for Corporate events, Brazilian party band Perth are great for getting the crowd moving and keeping them on the dancefloor.

The band is perfect for events and tropically themed parties where you want your crowd to dance the night away.


Also available to provide:

Capoeira Dancers

Carnaval Drummers - Professional percusionists playing amazing carnaval rhythms on wireless mics / Professional percussionists plus Samba School drummers for a huge sound experiece

Latin dancers - Kuerazo Latin dance troupe performing a feature showcase of various dance styles.

Fire dancers - Polynesian style fire twirling

Costumed promo Staff - Costumes such as bare chested island boys or hula girls, mermaids, etc

DJs - Specialists in Latin, Funk and Island styleplus RnB, house, club and classics


Available for corporate events, private parties, weddings and venue bookings.


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