Shimmer is an acoustic/sequenced trio, located in Perth, Western Australia, consisting of Zowie Simpson on vocals, Nino Martino on vocals and percussion, and Peter Chapman on backing vocals and guitar.

Shimmer are two bands rolled into one, offering a polished and elegant acoustic outfit, as well being able to switch over to play as a more up-tempo dance orientated sequenced trio configuration. In acoustic mode, Shimmer aim to provide a varied and polished repertoire of music suited for weddings ceremonies, pre-dinner drinks, easy listening background for corporate functions, or easy going Sunday session work. Ranging from the 60s sounds of the Beatles and Van Morrison, eighties music from Hunters and Collectors, and the Church, the later sounds of Pink, Pete Murray, and Kings of Leon, and well known acoustic material from Jack Johnson and John Mayer, Shimmer covers easy listening background to more up-tempo material depending on what pace is appropriate for the immediate occasion.

Shimmer can also shift into sequenced trio mode, for that part of the night where the music is to go more up-tempo and dance orientated. This is ideal for events such as wedding receptions, once the dinner is finished, and people are ready for dancing. In sequenced mode, Shimmer also provide a wide range of popular hits for the past to present, ranging for hits of the 70's disco era, to more rock orientated material such as Joan Jet and AC/DC! On top of the above, Shimmer also provides DJ/CD services between the live performances, as part of the basic package.

This means that Shimmer can cover the complete entertainment requirements for events such as weddings, where different parts of your day and/or night demand the different style and pace of entertainment, ranging from soft mellow relaxing background acoustic music, to a more foreground up-tempo dance orientated performance. Shimmer provides the complete "one stop shop" entertainment package for your next event!


Reviewed on 27th Jun 2017

Firstly I must apologise to Shimmer - I didn't see them at the end of the function to thank them personally. Please thank them on behalf. The band were great. By the end of the function people were really getting into it and enjoying the dance floor. The band were very professional and knew when to change the tempo to get the crowd involved. Thank you for all of your assistance and thank you to Shimmer for performing at our end-of-year party. Kind regards


Reviewed on 05th Apr 2017

Good feedback about the band – all positive. Thanks